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In old westerns, the White Hat was used to represent the Hero... and the Hero always won. 

MISSION: White Hat Training demands that  it's athletes  work towards physical goals while maintaining a respectful lifestyle.  The goal is to build outstanding, well rounded athletes with strong moral values.



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The NJ SCORPIONS Took home another National Title in Wildwood NJ this past weekend (2/7-2/9).  In total we had 3 teams competing in the event, 1 in Elementary, and 2 in the Middle School Division.  In MS, NJ Scorpions (Strength) took 1st place, with our 2nd team, NJ Scorpions (Desire) taking 11th overall.  In EM, our NJ Scorpions placed 3rd.  Thanks to all the wrestlers, parents, and coaches.

Coaches: EM - Carlos Rodriguez, MS Scorpions Strength - Lou Maniero, Dave Manville, MS Scorpions Desire - Ed Piccola, Carlos Cabinillas


The following testimonial is from the mother of one of my wrestlers.  It has been quoted from two emails I received, only edited to omit her and her son's last name...


"I just wanted to write and personally thank you for everything you do for Carson.  He absolutely loves you and truly benefits from your instruction.  Our original intention was to stop the privates during the wrestling season because between rec. practice and The Edge, he wrestles 5-6 days a week, but Carson has made it VERY clear that he wants to keep coming to you and doesn't want to stop.

   You have been so incredibly helpful and have done so much for him.  His rec coach doesn't know that Carson has been taking private lessons with you.  He came up to us after the tournament yesterday and said he is absolutely amazed how far Carson has come in the last two months and how he has noticed that Carson has "turned the corner" recently.  He wrestled better than I have ever seen him wrestle yesterday and that has a lot to do with you.  I am truly grateful.
     I have to be honest, in the beginning I was skeptical because Carson is SO little and you are so big!  I was wondering how the heck you would be able to teach him anything with such a huge size difference.  I don't know how you do it...but you definitely do it!  Actually in a month, I may be cursing you for helping him advance so far, because his Rec. coach has decided that he is probably going to put Carson in the 50 lb. spot in the Tri-County league!!

Thank you again for your patience and guidance,

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